The advantages and tips of a friendship with benefits


Sooner or later, all of us pass this period – the period of friendships with benefits. Some persons describe it as the most beautiful phase, but this raises many questions. So, if you don’t have enough time for a serious relationship or you don’t want one, you can choose a friendship with benefits. You will have a lot of advantages, but you should follow some essential tips!

Thus, look what are the most important advantages and tips for a friendship with benefits!

Don’t get emotionally involved

Often, emotions are the ones that complicate things and that, most of the time, restrain you from giving free rein to your imagination or from presenting your own hidden desires.

Keep it confidential

Both of you should know that you are in an open relationship and in any situation, you must keep it confidential. Moreover, you should not reveal too much in front of your partner, but just satisfy your hidden desires.

Don’t offer gifts

An advice you must pay attention to is that you should not offer or get gifts. Often, it can
brings people closer and there is the possibility to develop emotions for the partner. The advantage that comes with this advice is related to the financial situation and the time that you would normally have lost in the search for an attention that would pleasantly surprise your partner.

Don’t present your partner to your family and not the other way around

What is happening between you should remain only between you, without anyone else knowing. Do not reveal anything that happens in your friendship with benefits!

Play erotic games

Often, the erotic games have the ability to incite, especially in the case of friendships with benefits. Be creative and suggest a lot of games through you can arouse mutual fantasies.

Use sex toys

Any sexual challenge is welcome in the friendship with benefits. Sex toys can be a real distraction in sexual life. Explore, discover and live intensely!

Don’t impose limits

The limits are not ok as much as you are friends with benefits. Be who you want to be and don’t say “no” to any challenge. Reach limits, but do not impose any.

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